1.Provide customized size screw accessories
2.Commonly used screws, bolts
3.Commonly used nuts, anti-loose nuts, corner nuts
4.Various types of washers, toothed type anti-loose washers
5.E-type, S-type fixed piece
6.Assembling use spring pin
7.Solid rivets, hollow rivets, second-order rivets

Head type

Round head, big flat head, cross, slot, type-Z, headless hex, head hex, hex, square and other types of cold forging head.

Thread type

Mechanical teeth screws, self-tapping tip iron teeth screws, self-tapping wood tail tooth screw, cutting tail screws, second or multi-step screws.


Medium and low carbon steel (1A, 1018,1022,1045,50BV30,40ACR), high carbon steel (6150), chromium-molybdenum alloy steel (SCM435, SCM415) Stainless steel (302,304,316), acid and alkali (410,420,430, SUJ2), aluminum alloy (6150,2024,2017).


Hand tools, machinery, furniture, hardware, electrical, electronics, plastic assembling species, automobile & motorcycle, household hardware, fans, ceiling fans.